Rag Dolls –  to be loved and cherished 

Anisa Rag Dolls

High in the popularity stakes, these girls will become new best friends.   The simple design is timeless and these dolls are loved wherever they go.


Bonikka Rag Dolls

Bonikka dolls are inspired from a gift from a Father to his daughter and handed down the generations.   Designed to stand the test of time.


Bebi Soft Toys

Lovely colours and cute faces.   No-one can resist these knitted toys.   A true traditional look that will ensure all those cuddles are always special.


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We stock the full range of Imajo rag dolls and soft toys.

The ethos of Imajo is traditional, ethically sourced and wholesome rag dolls and soft toys. They love to find toys that have an added special quality such as being
handmade or simply because they are reminiscent of traditional toys from times past, in a world where plastic and throwaway toys dominate.

That is why we fell in love with the new Bonikka range as they are inspired from an old porcelain doll handed down the generations. They really are a step above the average rag doll.

We are also extremely fond of our original Anisa collection dolls and always will be. For years they have become favourites and new best friends.

Although rag dolls are our focus, we like to offer toys that we simply see as traditional. The sweet faces and old fashioned style of our soft toy range Bebi are hard to resist.

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Rag Dolls –  to be new best friends